5mL Channel Move to Position Command for Channel 4 vs Channel 1

Hi All!

I’ve been using the 5mL Channel Move to Position command to place Channel 1 to a specific sequence location. I was wondering if there was a way to do this with Channel 4 rather than Channel 1? I don’t see any way to do this from the UI but let me know if I’m missing something!

If this has been answered before please let me know and I can take this comment down to prevent comment bloat.


@sturgeoj - The type of custom channel movement you are describing is supported in the STAR tools suite, which is linked in Eric’s materials download.

For the channel pattern, use a value or a variable that maintains a value of “0001” (or whatever desired channel - this is assuming you have four 5mL channels).

For the end Z height, I strongly recommend using safe traverse height (245.0mm).


This looks great! Thank you so much Nick. Testing it now so I might have some questions in the future but thanks again.