A few more categories

Could these additional categories be added?

  • Orchestrator and scheduler softwares (Momentum, Cellario, Tempo, Green Button Go,…)
  • Integrated devices: readers, washers, centrifuges, sealers, peelers, etc.
  • Robotic arms
  • A known bugs thread under every main robotic pipettor brand category



For Known Bugs, a Wiki becomes a way better source for organizing common troubleshooting issues or workarounds. We can bring them up in a forum and then organize the info into a Wiki. This will help big time.

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Yes thats a great idea, once we have more content here Im totally down to migrate useful information to a more organized format

That sounds good.
I guess my point is that sometimes you deal with a bug novel to you, but that may be known to some. Asking in a forum is a way to get answers.
Then documenting all reported bugs in a Wiki is the next step, so duplicate questions are prevented (if people actually read the wiki before posting).

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