ActiveX RunControl Libraries


I was wondering if there is any up to date documentation on the ActiveX RunControl Libraries.

Currently troubleshooting an issue getting the trace view to populate.


@Bthomas - What is the nature of your issue? Internal details of those DLLs should not be required to remedy a run control trace view issue.

If the trace view window cannot be toggled in run control

Then I would check the following registry values for the affected user:

The first value of the comma delimited value set would be 1 or 0 based on whether the view is toggled active. The rest are the left, right, top, bottom (not sure on the order) but you get the idea.


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This is when running with the HRB Driver controlling Run Control. It creates a Windows Forms view with Run Control console and the TraceView, which has worked in the past but it no longer seems to populate the TraceView with any information. All other functionality is working so I’m trying to narrow down if it was a change on our end or something with a newer version of Venus. This implementation was written before my time and the documentation for it is limited, so I am just seeing if anything does exist for it that would help me debug.


Hi @Bthomas, I’ll send you a direct message.

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