AI in Motion - Lab Automation Hackathon (Feb 24th/25th in SF)

Howdy Lab Auto folks,

The Bay Area Lab Automators are happy to announce that the next AI in Motion hardware hackathon will focus on Lab Automation and will take place on February 24th-25th at Studio 45 in beautiful San Francisco, CA. This is a collaborative event with the broader SF Hardware Community in the SF/Yay Area with broad support from DIY science spaces and folks in industry.

For some context: The labs of today are increasingly automated & autonomous. Not only do we have autonomous mobile robots (as you saw at SLAS) but AI driven pipetting, ML trained analysis tools, AI/ML driven experimentation and discovery pipelines are becoming commonplace. Recent AI advancements have only further facilitated an explosion of potential applications with regard to hardware. As hardware becomes increasingly integrated into the scientific pipelines at earlier phases of the discovery process, important philosophical questions are being posed about how the labs of tomorrow will operate with humans in the loop (if at all?) and whether this bifurcation will only further entrench concerns about access and inclusion.

The aforementioned is why hackathons are so important, they allow us to explore technologies and engage with new modalities across a broad spectrum of human experience.

The last AI in Motion hackathon had folks joining from Tesla, Deepmind, Open AI, Zipline, YC, Berkeley, various other hardware and AI communities across the SF Bay. This is a recap of the first event.

If you’re interested in hardware and AI, join us! We’ll have robots, maybe some Vision Pro’s, and some crazy smart folks building really cool stuff. If you’re interested in sponsorship or want to donate some hardware, please reach out.

RSVP here:


ALSO if you want to help out in some way from afar, feel free to list some problem statements that you’d like to see explored within the following,

  1. Imaging

  2. Sample Handling

  3. Data Analysis

  4. Lab Ops

We have quite a few robots lined up (maybe some Vision Pro’s) and are constantly looking for more hardware!

Cheers & happy building!