Analytik Jena T-Robot II Thermalcycler

I am considering purchasing one. Anyone here have experience with this device? Would love to connect and get some feedback.
T Robot II

Yes we have 3 integrated into our Hamilton’s. Happy to answer any questions

@Kalpesh Would love to know about their performance versus other automated Thermalcyclers (e.g. ODTC, etc).

  • What do you like?
  • What don’t you like?
  • What are some common errors?
  • If you had to start with integrating an automated thermalcycler, would you pick the same one or go with a different vendor?
  • How is support?

Hello Chip,

Here are my thoughts.

  1. They have more error handling then OTDC. you have more option to use differnet lids vs OTDC. From science prospective, you can do gradient and they sell different mattre for base which is important for some experiments.
  2. they are big and need to be integrate outside of Hamilton
  3. i don’t see any particular error yet where i am concerned ( the library and API had problem but we solved it )
  4. it will depend on science and what other things i have on instrument
  5. support is awesome, they are local in MA. they come as soon as we call them

What’s your experience been with Inheco? What’s your hesitancy with them?

As i mentioned earlier. we had some problems with them due to the top part and lid need to be very particular. Also it do not provide gradient option.

  • Error handling/recovery is janky.
  • Slow to start protocols because it requires pre-heating.
  • Loud
  • Door opening mechanism is poorly designed

What you’re saying is true but they weren’t major pain points for us.

Error handling was not great but rarely had issues.
Door opening wasn’t a problem, but we had creative solutions.
Protocols were slow but we integrated on the deck so it was always walk away so it wasn’t noticeable.

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