Artel MVS for viscous liquids

Hi community,

I would like to use my Artel MVS for measuring 10nl – 15 µl aliquots for visocus media: 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 33% 39% and 43% glycerol.
Unfortunately, there is no off-the-shelf solution from Artel to my knowledge.

Did anyone ever solve a similiar problem and can give me advice here?

Thanks in advance!

What instrument are you using to for dispensing?


According to the Artel MVS brochure, it’s capable of quantitating .03 uL using Aqueous E. So can’t you just follow what they recommend?

this challeng is with respect to the media being viscous glycerol, not aqueous/water

Can’t you substitute water with Artel Dye when making those 10%, 20%, etc dilution?
If you need to actually calibrate with real reagents, your only other option is to use gravimetric.
Have the i-Dot dispense 5 uL for each channel (I believe there should be 8) and weigh that.

They have the special Solution dyes but some folks don’t like that these can change the true nature of the liquid since it’s an additional component that may eliminate some of the physical properties of the true MM or viscosity.

However there’s only one way to find out and one should always double check ARTEL LC results anyway.

but I don’t think they have special solution dyes for higher glycerol concentration, do they? Only master mix, DMSO…

I think they’re supposed to work out of the box with glycerol up to a certain point. Double check with them.

I’ve also had to deal with a similar issues due to the varying glycerol concentrations in some of our master mixes, our liquid handlers (tecan, tempest, vprep) that handle our master mixes do amazing when we run them with aqueous dye, but have poorer performance when running with actual master mix. Gravimetric testing has been our most reliable way to get a read on our high glycerol dispenses, even though it isn’t as reliable as Artel. Getting in touch with Artel directly is your best bet for custom dye.

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I can attest to this as well, they have an alternative solution calculator they use when mixing with higher viscous liquids. I personally have used a 50% glycerol alternative that was helpful.

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