Beckman Customer Support

Does anyone have any tips or tricks on getting traction with Beckman tech support? My experience has been a frustrating series of email forwards, out of office bounce-backs, not-my-problem isms, left-on-read inquiries, and forced solutions. Is there even any benefit to holding a service contract if the helpdesk can’t support their customers? /vent

Anyways, does anyone know of any surefire ways to get a call or email back from support? Do I need to mention that my instrument caught fire or something?

if it’s Echo related I’ve heard terrific things about Lab-Machines, I have had service calls by Ed and Bill a number of times back during the Labcyte and early Beckman days.

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If you have a service contract and a legal dept in your organization I would get them involved. The service contract should have SLAs that Beckman will need to adhere to or else they breach the contract ($$).

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@evwolfson Unfortunately, This is becoming the norm for OEMs. Is there a specific issue you need help with? We might be able to help?

@evwolfson - Hi! By way of brief introduction, my name is Joe Ruff and I lead our North American Automation Sales team at Beckman Coulter. Sorry to hear you’ve had communication issues with our team. If it’s okay with you, I’ll reach out via email and LinkedIn and we can coordinate a time to speak so I can hopefully help close whatever gaps exist. Talk to you soon.

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Quick update and resolution on this:

I was contacted by BC apps support about a month after my first inquiry. The specific problem I ran into was to try to investigate more efficient ways to accomplish pattern creation, but it looks as if that’s gated behind some advanced scripting techniques. The documentation describing these are unfortunately not publicly available, so for my specific case I’d likely need to purchase apps time to resolve my problem or to explore solutions further.

Thanks to BC support for following up with this to ensure my question was answered fully. This forum is a great resource for the automation community as a whole as a way to connect and expand.

This has been my experience in the past as well and it’s the one thing I don’t like about purchasing Beckman instruments. I hope they change their model in the future. Tecan and Hamilton are much more forthcoming with advanced scripting, hell Tecan will even show you how to send raw firmware commands that could damage your instrument if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Let us know if we can help.