Benefits of a Universal Simulator

General question to all.

How much benefit is there to a universal 3D simulator? There are a finite number of configurations when it comes to liquid handling devices consisting of a deck, tips, labware, arm configurations etc.

Something like this could be implemented for development of multi device setups, advanced visualization, timing studies, comparisons, etc.

I know each of the manufacturers prefer their own but I’ve found much of the simulation features lacking.

Just some food for thought.

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sometimes no one know details of system (like how system runs), customer and fresh engineer. Also some new device will be integrated, like industrial arm or low cost arm, how can we know if it is ok. So we developed tool for simulator, used to let customers understand system and do training for customers and engineers.

It is only a sale and training tool, but it will bring many cost for developing and modeling.

I think that would be quite useful for multi-device orchestration. Naturally as the number of instruments integrated into a system increases the complexity can scale exponentially/ combinatorically. I also think the trend is for an increasing number of instruments, so the relevance of such a tool will increase.