Best Practice question

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has or would have an idea of what is the best way to take the absolute position of a bolted on labware and associated with the active method that is running on the instrument?

For reference, this method will be run across a fleet of instruments with, depending on the instrument type, a unique decklayout.

My current thought is that there should be an instrument specific layout file that has all carriers that are attached to it very well defined, and the method will pull those carrier corrdinates from this master layout file and overwrite the active runtime layout with these “correct” positions.

I’m seeing issues were placement of labware is being correct by the site position on the .tpl and that .tpl file associated with specific instruments, but im fairly certain the root cause is that the .tpl file is then used in another method that potentially uses another layout file that potentially has different absolute coordinates for said .tpl file.

Long story short, can i use the labware property query file:get config function to get the files value for this carrier from a “master layout” file to assign to the “active layout file”?

Thanks for any help

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