Boston Industries

Has anyone ever gone through Boston Industries for used equipment (like Hamiltons)? Do they or anyone else install iSWAPs or other modules?

I can’t speak for Boston Industries. The only two third party companies, that I’m aware of, with that capability on Hamilton Stars, would be Nugget Scientific and Copia Scientific.


Hi Stefan - The Lab Squad at Copia Scientific can help you with your Star.


Boston Industries offers competitive prices on used liquid handlers, but be mindful of caveats. I have worked with three robots purchased from them, and had to address hardware issues and/or omissions for all of them. If you are already a hardware expert in the platform that you are considering purchasing, you will be in a much better position to succeed. If you need more post-sales support, look to Copia for used equipment. As always, get the robot serial number before buying, and request the service records from the manufacturer.