Change colour of steps from specific libraries


I was just wondering if there was a way to make steps of specific libraries show up as different colours? I know that we can customise to change the colour of error steps/comments/disabled steps, but I’d like to have that freedom with other libraries too, including self-made ones. Is that possible, either in venus or in the code of the library in HSL?


Hi @tarun.chapman,

While it isn’t possible to adjust the line colors for libraries, it is possible to change the image that appears on the left side of the command:


This example is a sub-method library made in Method Editor called “MettlerToledoWXSController.smt”. To get the icon to appear next to the commands, I made a bitmap of the image I wanted and named it to match the sub-method library name (MettlerToledoWXSController.bmp), as seen below.


If the sub-method library in question is open in Method Editor, then close and re-open to make the icons appear.

Thank you,

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the response. I’ll do that instead, thanks :slight_smile:

Best wishes