CO-RE gripper stuck on 1000µl channels (fixed)

Hello all,

I am here once again requesting how to solve an issue. One of our methods wasn’t closed properly due to an error in a run on our Hamilton Vantage. Because of this the CO-RE gripper was not put back in its default position.

When the system initializes now, it doesn’t know/recognize that the CO-RE gripper is still attached to the 1000µl channels and always aborts initialization because it can’t move.

Is there any way to fix this? I am not aware of offloading the CO-RE gripper in any other way then using Initialize. The system asks for ‘is there any indication for a collision’, but this doesn’t seem to do anything in regards to the CO-RE gripper. I have reached out to official support but haven’t had a response yet and the system cannot do anything right now because of this.

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This should help.

Should just pop off once the squeezer is released. Place back in the core gripper nest.




Thanks, this is also what support recommended to me to let the gripper go. I was almost going to do this but luckily they ended up suggesting using TeamViewer and using their service software to loosen the channels one by one. This way I could catch it and put it back in the resting position.