Commercial LIMS Recommendations?

Hi all,

I am looking for recommendations (or ones to avoid) for a commercial LIMS system / framework.

We are a small but quickly growing project within a larger company and are beginning to outgrow our current solution. We may or may not have much in the way of dedicated software engineers at the moment but we do have energized automation engineers and process dev scientists so something low-code might be appealing.

Thanks so much


Who’s your current commercial LIMS provider?

This will allow us to make better recommendations.

None is the short answer. Long answer is Excel, csvs, python / vb scripts, and one superhuman scientist tying it all together.

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What kind of things are you hoping to track/manage?

Sample metadata, inventory/freezer, ELN functionality, genomic sequences, etc.?

You should check out Scispot and Ganymede

They are both different (LIMS/ELN vs Infrastructure/Data) but may offer low code solutions for your existing file formats (Excel, CSV, python/vbscripts) that may directly translate into their ecosystems.

Furthermore you can also build out the middle layer first (data management layer) and then find the proper LIMS integration later. If you’re feeding your data into a middle layer anyway, the full LIMS stack could be overkill.