Copying sequence arrays to other labwares

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I was wondering if there is a way to copy an array of sequences to another labware. For context, I have multiple 96-well plates that all of them share the same pattern of sequences and index size. Is there a better way to streamline this process beside manually creating the sequences and arrays for each plate one at a time?

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I think there are some functions in the sequence library, but don’t remember the exact one.
Just have a read in the help/“What’s this?” section if the sequence library and you will be able to find your answer or at least a workaround.

if your sequence is “straight forward”, meaning not skipping elements/positions you could also just mark all positions on your 96 dwp and use something like a hitlist workaround (via barcode scanning or user input(sample amount) to then reduce the sequence to the appropriate size.

Seems like a job for sequence library and maybe a few loops in the method. Not sure if there’s a way to change labware definitions to include default sequences, if that’s what you’re referring to.

Along the same line, if the target sequence is (for example) wells 1-56 instead of 1-96, you could loop along a 1-56 target sequence with your plate as the destination and then you’d only have one target sequence as opposed to changing each labware sequence.

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A useful tool you can use here can be found in the ‘Sequence’ library of the HSLExtensions library suite (download here). This installer will place the ‘HSLExtensions’ folder in your ‘HAMILTON\Library’ folder, and contains several libraries. In the ‘Sequence’ library, you’ll find the function ‘ReplaceLabwareIdentifier’, which allows you to input a sequence and its labware ID, and replace the original labware ID with a new one. The new sequence is returned in the [Bind return value to:] parameter.


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Hi @DanHartman_Hamilton

Thank you so much as that is exactly what I needed! I was able to download the library but, once I added it to my method, these syntax errors popped up. How can I fix this?

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Those errors are due to a prerequisite library not found on your computer, namely the TraceLevel library. You can get that library by running the installer from this link.

This installer will place the ASWStandard and TraceLevel libraries on your computer. If you continue to run into syntax issues like these, let me know and we can move to a DM to get everything fixed.

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Thank you again! The TraceLevel library resolved the error and the ‘ReplaceLabwareIdentifier’ function works wonder!

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