Coverage of Venus Steps?

Hi PyHamilton guys,
I am starting to think about using pyhamilton for a new project. However, before deciding this, is there any sort of information about the amount of coverage of native Venus steps? Is there anything that is currently not achievable that might make going the native Venus route a better choice? Using python would be great etc, just don’t want to start using pyhamilton and find then we have to re-write everything in Venus because there are key elements that we can’t do in pyhamilton…


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PyHamilton communicates with Venus through what we call the Venus Universal Method. Whenever you run a PyHamilton script, you are actually using Venus to talk to the robot in the same way that you are already used to.

Because of that fact, everything you can do in Venus is possible in PyHamilton. There are some cases (like for talking to a piece of Hamilton equipment) where PyHamilton doesnt support a given command yet. In this case it is very easy to add the command to the universal method. I cover how to do that in the Getting Started guide.

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Great, thanks Stefan.