Current Limit :Fire: Bravo

Does anyone have any experience with current limit in VWorks?

There were a couple times when my team had an issue with a Bravo head catching smoke and fire due to version 13.1.0 :grimacing: and supposedly v13.1.8+ fixes the lower current limit.

Does anyone know where I can find this setting for current limit because I can’t move away from v13.1.0?

Thank you!

I don’t work with Bravos any more, but if I remember correctly, there should be a subkey in the registry for each head type’s current limit. Have you reached out to their support for alternative options? Instinctively, messing with the registry wouldn’t be my first thought, but hope you find the best solution!

You’ll likely find them in


I don’t know what most of it actually does so would tread lightly. The only thing I’ve ever changed is the Grip Current because we were using some particularly flimsy plates and the gripper was gripping too strong.

If your Bravo is no longer under warranty I would reach out to @dcmay. He’s the resident Agilent hardware expert and I highly recommend his services (for more than just Agilent).

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We tried looking at the registry and couldn’t find the subkey. Hopefully we’ll figure out something and will post when that happens. Thanks @dennisk and @jnecr ! If we can’t figure it out after a while, I’try to tag dcmay!

Hi. I am unaware of a current issue with that version of VWorks? The W axis settings are in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Velocity11\Bravo2\Profiles\Bravo\Axes\W\Motor Control Parameters

Please use caution changing any of these settings as you may cause further damage to your Bravo head. I would recommend having a Service engineer look at the issue.

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I’m not super familiar with VWorks, but I’ve seen the Bravo’s head have burnt coils and that the fix is to upgrade to 13.1.11? I will see if we already talked to a service engineer :saluting_face: Thank you for the help!

@Beverly Let me know if you need help with your head.
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