Current Venus Version

Just curious, what Venus version are people using?
@EricSindelar_Hamilton Are most client still on Venus 4 for Hamilton STARs?

There are many systems still on VENUS 4, but all new systems are shipping with VENUS 6. VENUS 6 is Windows 11 compatible so I presume that many of our accounts will upgrade when they also consider upgrading their OS.

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Is there anything specific we should know when we upgrade from Venus 4 to 6? We are trialing it on one of our systems soon.

You will need new firmware when moving from VENUS 4 to 6, but I presume you are already arranging that with your local support team. See below for other considerations


  • Methods written in VENUS 1,2,3,4,5 or VoV can be run in VENUS 6
  • Note - some custom libraries may not be compatible - ASW 3.1 (obsolete), ASW Custom Vector dialogs (newer version 1.1.4 available) and Step Tracker (newer version 1.62 available)
  • VENUS 6 methods (requires 6.0.2) can be opened in earlier versions, but it will error if it uses new steps like new complex IF/ELSE, complex assignment with calculations, stop timer, Sequence-Get Remaining Positions)
  • VENUS 6 liquid classes will fail to open in previous VENUS versions. VENUS 6 liquid class dataset now incorporates a new field to allocate MagPip parameters

Operative System and SQL server:

  • Compatible with Windows 10 or 11
  • Compatible with SQL server express 2019
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