Deep well plate (up to 1mL) centrifuge recs?

Hi everybody,

What type of plate centrifuges (off-deck) are you using?
I’m looking to find a low-cost 96 DWP (1mL) capability centrifuge. This could have heating/cooling but doesn’t need to. So far, I’m working with the Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810 R.
I’m wondering if anyone recommends a certain one that’s a smaller footprint reliable for 96 DWPs?

We have a Hamilton Star NGS system and I know there’s a centrifuge that’s able to integrate on-deck, but the team doesn’t want more accessories to add at the moment, due to extra cost and real estate on deck.

Beckman and Eppendorf seem to be the main players in the benchtop centrifuge game. I don’t see any major benefits to either so just go with whatever is cheaper. If I were in the market for a centrifuge I’d get a used one for Copia Scientific. Just shoot them an email and see what they have on hand.

For the Beckmans the Avanti J-15 and Allegra V-15 should be able to support rotors for deep well plates.

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Thanks so much!