Hello All,

Does anybody have any experience playing around with the DevUtils library, and specifically with DevGetLabwareData?

Trying to get labware dimensions in a method and the function wants a pretty ominous ‘propertyKey’. I wasnt able to figure out what that might be, so here I am. Any ideas?


@sgils - That function performs the means of querying the value of a labware property associated with the definition of a labware ID from your deck (rack or template). There are required and default labware properties VENUS uses for performing some typical labware related functions, most commonly for loading and waste behavior of most standard system configurations.

For example, if you select almost any plate carrier on a deck layout and view its properties, you will find several related to how the autoload is required to interact with it for proper carrier loading and barcode scanning of its various sites.

In the above image, one of the labware property keys would be ‘MlStarCarCountOfBCPos’ and its corresponding value would be ‘5’. This defines the number of valid site positions that this carrier supports the retrieval of a barcode. For the ‘DevGetLabwareData’ function, the property key (input) and value (output) are of type string.

In any labware definition you use that is not read-only, you are welcome to add your own optional labware properties for your own programmatic usage. You would use this function to query a known property key from a labware ID and use its value for some downstream purpose.

More documentation regarding labware properties can be found by right clicking any ML_STAR step and selecting ‘What’s This’, and navigating to the help page in the miscellaneous category.



@NickHealy_Hamilton , Thanks! This is super useful.