Echo 525 DMSO

Hi, I have a 525 and for various reasons would like to dispense compounds in 100% DMSO.

I know this series doesn’t have a dmso liquid class but has any one tried this or used it extensively to do this?

Is there a liquid class on the 525 that is ‘good enough’ to dispense DMSO ? Just asking if anyone has been successful with this and has any tips before trying it out.

I haven’t ever used a 525, but I would guess that the software may lack the %DMSO calculations that are required for dispensing DMSO. I’m sure the calculations are there, but they are “licensed out” preventing their use.

Dispensing DMSO requires a pre-survey of the plate to determine each well’s %DMSO and then the power of the transducer was altered based on what the pre-survey found. Or at least that’s how it worked on the 550/555s.

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Yeah thats what i’m wondering if it can do it, but its locked or if there is a workaround. 550 had a CP liquid class which was slow but meant to work for any liquid as it auto calibrated each well- cant recall if the 525 has that.

Isn’t the 525 billed as the “cheaper” Echo? If that’s still the case I’m sure they’ve locked down any flexibility to force you into the more expensive ones.

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Hi @Dovod, @jnecr ,

There are enough HW differences between the 525 and its 5xx siblings that they should be considered as two fundamentally different instruments. Yes, from they are from the same family but the engineering required to have each work with different liquids and at very different volumes shouldn’t be underestimated.

@rstoms is spot on.

I used to work at Labcyte in the room where Echo liquid handlers were calibrated. It’s a labor intensive process that takes weeks. If the transducer in an Echo is ever damaged (e.g. if it is allowed to dry out), it must be replaced, and the whole calibration process has to be restarted from scratch.

The Echo 525 transfers 25 nL droplets and was designed for faster handling of aqueous solutions. All other Echo models (550, 555, and 650 Series) transfer 2.5 uL droplets. Genentech and GRAIL use Echo 525 units that have been specially calibrated for DMSO. For DMSO, these are faster but less accurate than the other Echo models, which were specifically designed for optimal DMSO handling. Without calibration for it, an Echo 525 can’t transfer DMSO.

The CP liquid class on an Echo 550, 555, or 650 Series can handle a variety of different liquid types based on data that the Echo collects prior to starting a transfer, but it doesn’t automatically calibrate an Echo, and it doesn’t exist for the Echo 525.

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Hi. I’m ex-labcyte as well (support APAC)!! I wasn’t aware of the DMSO compatible 525, learning a new thing everyday (even after leaving the company :slight_smile: )