Evoware downloads for simulation/ development

Hi, @KevMcGuire_Tecan

Is there a chance Tecan could post a link to install evoware (preferably version 2.8) so I can run simulations on my desktop?

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@Stefan , send me your e-mail

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Hi @Stefan,
if you send me your email I can share.
Cheers, Kevin

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Is it possible to have both EVO and Fluent software on the same laptop for simulation use?

Yea if you use a VM. I have multiple VM’s on my MacBook. One for each version of Tecan software and another Venus and method Manager

I probably have to do the same thing. I tried to install both locally. EVO stopped working after I installed Fluent. Haven’t had time to figure it out yet.

Yes you will have to

Yes, recommend to install FluentControl on your main and EVOware on your VM.