Favorite Integratable Centrifuge

What are people’s fav centrifuges to work with when it comes to integration. Do people have examples of centrifuges that can be controlled by the cloud? Is it just a desolate desert of on/off LCD screens? For people that have been sold integration friendly centrifuges any regrets or things you wish you knew about before buying.

I feel centrifuges are ripe with thoughts of “oh thats easy we will worry about that later” and this could be a good thread of discussion to of key things automators should think about before buying!

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At Biosero we routinely work with the Agilent Vspin, Bionex HiG, and Hettich Rotanta 460. Out of the three I tend to design systems using the Bionex HiG. It’s very easy to load and use with Green Button Go Scheduler. The HiG does not require air to open and close the door, which is an added benefit. It sounds like Hettich is releasing a smaller automation friendly centrifuge this year but have not seen or been given specifics.

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I’ve also had good experiences with the bionex HiG, it’s stable enough that we can do 1000g centrifuge spins using the same balance plate regardless of what the working plate and it’s volume are (except DWPs of course…)

The HiG3 has a 100g imbalance tolerance, its amazing

I was considering the HiG for a system that never materialized a while back, only negative I heard was that it sounds like a jet engine taking off in your lab… other than that it definitely seems to be the frontrunner.

The Jet Engine sound is a feature :slight_smile:

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I used V-spin and its easy to install and use. 2 drawbacks, 1. large and second repair time really horrible. so planning to move to Hettich with future integration

From experience the HiG is pretty loud and I hope this is normal… can you confirm this?

Yeah ours is definitely loud also. I’ve not tested this but I suspect it is related to weight imbalances, the machine works even with a pretty large imbalance but that doesn’t mean it’ll do it quietly!

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Yeah thats normal.

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Haven’t tested but it might be >80 dB and in that case I would recommend to use ear protection (coming from somebody with a bit of hearing loss)

The HiG is amazing if you have the budget. The balance intolerance is pretty impressive and front loading gives a lot more versatility with plates. Having said that, I’ve worked with the Hettich devices with bucket rotors a fair amount and would be my go to for larger labware and tubes.