Feel Like I’m Emailing a Brickwall to Buy Stuff…

I’ve been wondering for awhile why TECAN seems to just not get back to me when I’m trying to place POs or order more parts. It’s like they drop the handler off and wipe their hands.

Does anyone have any good relation with a New England rep I could get ahold of to order a HEPA module for a Fluent?

Do you have a good relationship with your FAE or apps person (assuming you’re under contract/warranty)? They should be able to tell you who to contact.

If not, @MikeMueller can you introduce him to the New England sales team?

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email helpdesk-us@tecan.com

as this is an upgrade, you’re more likely to get a response from service/after sales group

but you are correct - there is a lot of ghosting by Tecan for sales - estimate 3-4 weeks response time

Hi all,

Just message me directly and I will get you connected to the right person to get things moving. mike.mueller@nucleus-automation.com or call me at (254) 423-6771.

Nucleus Automation Partners LLC


This definitely doesn’t work…

Always a shame to see this.

You might also check with Copia Scientific (copiasci.com) as they do a lot of work with Tecan systems.

Good luck!

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@smohler what size Fluent do you have?


@smohler same expereince here, been trying to get a quote for carriers for over a week now

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I mean I guess it’s great they’re doing to hot they can take the “get in line” approach but man they should have at least some sort of checkout cart system for simpler upgrade stuff, certainly for carriers!

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i have a fabricator for Fluent carriers if you need certain items
I have also designed and built various customized carriers for Fluent instruments


No shit woooooooah. For your own builds, do you have in-house tooling to cut the metal yourself and just mcmaster some metal sheets?

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i have a workshop who does full design, CNC, laser cutting, water cutting - you name it, they have it!


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This is really great stuff. Care to share some of this info in the DIY section? I’m sure the community would very much appreciate your contributions.

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When you said “I” does that mean that others in Cambridge could utilize this space on weekends lol

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Does anyone here have a HEPA filter on a Fluent. May as well ask the community if there are any height, width, etc size restrictions.

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I have installed a few. Do you have a standard or extended-z RGA? You’ll need some extra standoffs installed if you have the extended-z, and that increases the height a bit.

Echoing what others have said - once you find an email address direct to a sales person or your local FAS - its best to email helpdesk with those folks CC’d alongside. Similarly, it helps if you can ask for the product catalogue and provide part numbers for the thing(s) you’re looking to purchase - saves some work on the salesperson’s side which could expedite the order. I think the lack of support is due to an influx of new hires on the helpdesk rather than anything malicious or any systematic breakdown of service on Tecan’s part.

There are plenty of 3rd party sellers as well… just not as many for the Fluent though.

I’ve installed a lot of them - it makes the unit pretty tall, what’s ceiling height in the lab ?
beware of sprinklers etc
different RGA arms require different Z standoffs to raise the HEPA unit above the RGA Z axis