Fix or Replace Limit Switch (Homing Fail)

My X axis limit switch is stuck on, so that in calibration homing the robot immediately registers the X axis as homed and moves onto the Y axis, but fails to hit the Y axis limit stopper and drives against the back of the robot.

How do I fix or replace the x axis limit switch? It definitely seems bent.

Just curious. Were you able to check if the wiring looks fine and plugged in?

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All fixed, to replace it I just had to unplug the red+black leads and unscrew the two hex bolts with an allen wrench. Then, I replaced the broken switch with a working switch taken off an OT-2 that was not being used. The switch is actually an OEM part, D3M-01K1-3 manufactured by Omron. You can buy them here.

The screws had some threadlock material on them which I dissolved in chloroform to make them easier to screw back in.


Awesome job @Stefan, if you need any replacement parts feel free to reach out and I can get the ball rolling on that.

Additionally, you can get in direct contact with our support team at Might be faster than here (although I’m trying to get in the habit of checking this forum more regularly :sweat_smile:).

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