Fluent control 3.3 questions

We got a warning about target line 71 could not be reached with current setting. Also the commands (those are under a variable pipetting loop) are not even executed. Is there a way to check and update current settings? We are using FC 3.3.

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Check the variable that controls the variable loop - if this is set to 0, then the context checking does not execute for the nested commands inside the loop,
if you increase variable to 1, it should activate the code


I know Iā€™m a bit late to the party, and @Optimize gave a great answer.
I just had an example of the same error from one of my modules, so I wanted to illustrate it.
As seen in my image with a volume of 40 only the top If statement is run with the current variables.
Because of this context check was not run on lines 8 - 12. This means that the lines could contain errors if I were to run it as a module with other variables.

I hope the example helps :slight_smile:

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