Front-end web application consultant

I’m looking for a consultant who can help with some web application development. I’d like to build some internal process tracking tools and I could use some help, especially with the front-end. The initial project will be a fairly simple flow chart and some data tables, but may expand over time and lead to other projects.

I’m currently working in python/Flask/SQLAlchemy, but open to moving into ASP.NET or other frameworks. I’d prefer to set up the contract as hourly with an initial schedule, then as needed, but I’m also open to discussion on that.

Please reach out if you’re interested or know of anyone who might be. Thanks a lot.


Highly recommend the switch to .NET. My experience with Blazor and Entity Framework has been outstanding.

+1 for ASP.NET

If you’re also using LINQ + Azure, it’s a trifecta of fun times.