Get labware names, files, xyz coordinates from deck layout file


I am working on parsing the xyz coordinates and labware names from the deck layout file, and I was able to have a script get that into a results file. I’m having trouble figuring out if I could get the labware file name/location information via running the Venus method and generating a results file. Is there a way to do this? The purpose of this project is to keep track of the xyz coordinates in our methods across instruments.

Maybe the PyLabRobot implementation is helpful:

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

@bowlineknot - Yes, you can parse out labware definition files as well as deck coordinates from deck layouts using VENUS commands. Linked below are a couple posts that provide more context:

Retrieving deck coordinates via labware ID:

Retrieving labware definition file path via labware ID:

By whatever programmatic preference, you would compile the labware IDs of the deck positions you are interested in, and use the above tools to retrieve the relevant data which could then be written to a file.



Thanks Nick! That was very helpful. Is there a easy way to retrieve the position of the labware within the carrier?
I’m looking at using this

or this

and this together.

@bowlineknot can you confirm what you mean by “position of the labware within the carrier”?

If you’re referring to the carrier (template) Site ID, then the Labware Access library @NickHealy_Hamilton linked is your best bet. It contains the following command, which will perform exactly that:


I suggest downloading, installing, and taking a look through. The Labware Access library does a good job of simplifying a lot of the processes from the HSLDevLib, and is a great tool when doing any sort of Deck Layout modification or information gathering at run time.

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Thanks Dan for the suggestion! What I mean by the position of the labware within the carrier is: i.e. the position of a rack of tips (labware) on a tip carrier is returned by the script to be Position 1 of 5 Pos Tip Carrier 1. Hope that makes sense, I think we are on the same page.

I haven’t used the Labware Access library much compared to the DevLib. Hamilton Venus has a lot of libraries!
Once again thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Thanks for the help everyone! @DanHartman_Hamilton @NickHealy_Hamilton @rickwierenga Some late in the evening scripting got me this. (a sample)