Great places to eat in Boston?

Good street food is close to my love of good automation so apologies for the non automation/coding question but I will be in Boston next week and weekend. I know there are a lot of Boston locals in this forum so I’m interested in any lunch/dinner recommendations?

Look for Sarma. Definitely worth a visit.

Saltie Girl beef tartar and lobster roll is very good.


I always support food and restaurant discussions

Boston has a lot of good food but not much street food for some reason, if by street food you mean food trucks and carts like what New York has. The Friendly Toast is really good, especially their fried rice bowl.

Neighborhood-wise, you can find something great almost anywhere downtown e.g. back bay, south end, chinatown. A lot of good spots north of the river too especially Somerville. Stay away from Kendall Square, no good food there.

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If you’re gonna be in Cambridge my go-tos were Miracle of Science (burgers) and Area Four (pizza) for dinner and Flour (sandwiches/salads) for lunch. Been awhile since I was there though, so who knows now. According to Google they are all still open.


Saltie Girl is pretty awesome! We had Fried Lobster and Waffles which was amazing!

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Toscanini’s. If you have good ice cream you don’t need anything else.