Hamilton checksum generation


I’m writing a program to generate a simple hsl file. I’d like to create a checksum for that file so I can keep file validation on in the system config.

Does Hamilton provide a binary to generate a checksum for files?


Not exactly an answer, but you can disable validation while you wait for one: VENUS Questions! - #58 by NickHealy_Hamilton.

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@BirdBare - As @rickwierenga pointed out, disabling checksum verification is the best option here.

If you require checksum verification to be toggled on, then you can open the autogenerated file in HSL method editor, and save it to allow VENUS to apply a checksum.


Thanks to both of you!

There is a function (I think in the Utility library) that allows you to add checksum to a file from within Venus. I have tried to trace down which DLL function is being used in the library but failed.
You could in theory write a very simple Venus method that adds the checksum to a file and then call that from your script. Not very graceful, but would work.

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This is great to hear! I’ll play with the function. 99% what I was looking for.