Hamilton MLStar mixing a sample in a well with X and Y offsets

Hello, I have set of samples that need to be extra mixed before sample transfer to another plate. My idea is to mix the sample in the middle of the well, then move +2 mm along Y axis, mix again, move + 2 mmX and -4mm Y and mix again, etc. How do I set X,Y offsets for the steps within the wells on Hamilton ML Star?

Why not optimize your mix flow rate in the liquid class to increase turbulence in solution? You will probably achieve the same or better mixing efficiency vs moving around in a well.

Edit: Nonetheless it is possible. You can use the “Move_Seq” function in the “Virtual_Labware_V2” library to move any sequence programmatically in 3D space. Once you move the seq you will re-aspirate / dispense with your mixing cycles set accordingly. Don’t forget to move it back once you are finished!