Hamilton STAR cell culture workcell for sale

Hi all,

Aromyx is selling its Hamilton STAR-based cell-culture workcell.

This workcell consists of:

  • Hamilton STAR H490, MFG 2/2022, 96 MPH, 8ch, Autoload
  • Liconic STX66 automated CO2 incubator with barcode reader (Liconic will assist in this equipment transfer)
  • Liconic integration hardware
  • S-CAP HEPA System
  • UV Decontamination system with exposure safeties
  • Left-hand extension enclosure with double doors and interlocks
  • Integration hardware for Spectramax instruments
  • Interlock controller box
  • Standard STAR table with lower shelf
  • Left-hand AND right-hand table extensions
  • APC 3000VA fast-switching UPS
  • System controller, wiped to factory settings
  • All software and drivers for STAR and integrated devices
  • 4x Hamilton Heater Shaker (HHS) 3mm orbit
  • Hamilton Heater Shaker Controller box
  • 96 well gravity waste system with waste carboy
  • 3x Standard tip carrier
  • 1x Tip isolator carrier
  • 3x Microtiter plate carrier with tabs
  • 1x 200 mL reagent carrier
  • 1x 60 mL reagent carrier
  • CO-RE Grips (CO-RE I)
  • Tip waste bins for under STAR

System was professionally de-installed and packaged up for shipment by Hamilton Robotics in a standard STAR shipping crate. Liconic packaged in a crate.

Please contact me at bmeyer@aromyx.com OR reply here for more information



what ever happed to this monster?

It was sold to a very good home as an in-tact workcell