Hamilton STAR Decontamination Process?

So I have a STAR that is internally trading hands between groups. The previous group had a bacterial workflow and the new is a protein. I’ve been looking into what the best practice is for decontaminating a STAR in this situation.

The manual recommends to use some mythical cleaner I can’t seem to purchase ro track down.

Has anyone been in this scenario and just wiped it down with ethanol and blasted it with UV and called it day?

We do 70% ethanol wipe-downs + UV, seems to work fine.

The cleaner in the operator’s manual is Deconex SOLARSEPT, a broad-spectrum disinfectant and cleaner. The US equivalent is Microcide SQ. See this link for its MSDS and efficacy.

US part numbers:

  • 3896-01: Microcide SQ, Bottle, 8oz
  • 3896-02: Microcide SQ, Bottle, 32oz

Many customers use ethanol as Stefan suggests though!


And when customers use ethanol I’m just wondering if they are doing this as a daily clean. I just feel trading workflows like this where scientists are extremely worried about contamination if just wiping down with ethanol will do it.

Does Hamilton have and instances where a STAR are transferred from bacterial to protein workflow I could point to?

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I just have the efficacy report for Microcide SQ that we recommend. The report from the manufacturer includes bacteria and virus testing. This was uploaded to the link I provided above, but see below for general features and benefits:

  • EPA registered
  • EPA approved for food and non-food contact surfaces
  • Highly concentrated and potent for maximum effect
  • Satisfies OSHA blood-borne pathogen requirements
  • Kills HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C viruses
  • Kills drug-resistant bacterial strains
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Maximizes workstation sanitation
  • Lowers risk of cross-contamination
  • Cleans and deodorizes while disinfecting

If I can find out anything else, I will share it!

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@EricSindelar_Hamilton thank you! After looking this over they ordered some and are satisfied moving forward!