Hamilton Star vs Vantage

Hi everyone,

Our lab currently uses Hamilton Starlets. We’re looking to purchase another robot and trying to decide between the Hamilton Star and the Vantage.

Does anyone know what the differences are between the Star and the Vantage in terms of firmware and general capabilities? I’m particularly wondering if the Vantage will support a washer module and a peripheral plate reader.

Appreciate any insight folks have.
Thank you!


I feel like @chips-a-hoai has used every iteration of the Hamilton, thoughts?


A plate washer and plate reader can be simultaneously integrated with a Hamilton STARlet. Contact your local sales rep to schedule a video call to view integration options using a 3D modeling tool.

Also, Hamilton will be unveiling a new family of robots at SLAS2023 in a few days. The photo preview suggests a hybrid of the STAR and VANTAGE.


Joel is absolutely correct that Hamilton STARlets can integrate devices on the left or righthand side of the instrument as shown. The VANTAGE platform has this capability as well but also has options for integrating to the rear and also beneath the system. So, choosing between either platform really depends on the needs of your workflow and lab setup.

Please feel free to message me directly and I can get you in touch with your local sales support team who can provide you with options for various configurations.



Lol… not every. But a vantage is just like s Star with upgraded motors. Hopefully with Venus 6, it’ll be identical with a few more features.

That is definitely the plan! :wink:


Both machines can do the job you are looking to get it done. I think it will depend more on what is the ultimate aim of the isntrument. We have both Vantage and Star integrated to plate washer and reader. We choose system based on budget, long term plan and if you are planning to integrate more in future.


It will be really interesteding to see what Hamilton is bringing in SLAS2023