Hamilton Tip Wash Driver Error

I am trying to install this Tip Wash Driver, but I am running into this error and it is stating that I already have a version of the driver installed. Not sure what it is looking for me to change here or delete from my control panel. I attached the log file from the driver error.

Hi @randob,

The error you’re receiving here isn’t due to having another version of the Tip Wash Driver, but instead another version of Microsoft Visual C++ installed on your computer. The driver is trying to install Visual 2017, but detects a (likely newer) version preventing the installer from continuing.

I’ve had similar issues in the past, which I resolved by uninstalling the newer version of Visual, installing the driver, then reinstalling the newer version of Visual that I previously uninstalled. Before doing this, I suggest setting a restore point on or performing a backup of the computer to have a recovery option in case the initial uninstall causes any issues.

Thank you,


@DanHartman_Hamilton thank you for this insight I will look into that!