HHS Firmware Commands


Speaking mainly to the Hamilton representatives on this forum: I was hoping to get hold of a few HHS firmware commands that I can use to test a PyHamilton implementation of the HSLHamHeaterShaker::SendFirmwareCommand function. I know that Hamilton tends to keep firmware commands under wraps, but would you be able to offer me a couple for this purpose?


Edit: I have checked the HHS documentation btw! Couldn’t find what I was looking for there :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, we don’t share firmware reference guides. These are internal documents and are not intended to be customer-facing. In the few instances where we have, we typically had the customer sign a waiver as any damage from the use of firmware commands would not be covered by warranty or service contract. However, for heating elements like the HHS, I would not recommend distributing such documentation.

Feel free to message me separately if you’d like to discuss this further.