How to engage all 8 channels to pipette large volumes from a reagent trough into a single conical tube

I am trying to add 40ml into a conical tube from a reagent trough using 1000ul tips. But it only engages a single channel at a time. I am currently looping 40 times. I would like use all 8 channels, and loop it 5 times.

You would need to create a loop within a loop:

Loop1 x5
aspirate from trough with all 8 channels
Loop2 (within loop1) x8
assign channel based on Loop2Counter
Dispense from assigned channel to Tube
Manually count both sequences.

be mindful of dripping during the dispense since liquid will be in the tips and the dispense action takes some time. You can probably set a fixed dispense height above the container opening if you don’t care about accuracy so that the channels will quickly do the dispense without having to enter the container.

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Your dispense sequence to the tube needs to have 8 positions. Since it is just a single tube, it would be 8 of the same position. This will allow the channels to access them one at a time for the full set of 8 channels.


Thank you Eric and Brandon, this is super helpful.

Eric, How do I make a sequence with 8 of the same position?

You can click on the position 8 times or lasso it 8 times. You can confirm how many positions have been added in the view I showed in the above image.