HSLLabwareAccess COM Object Error

Hi Everyone,

I’m running into a bug with the HSLLabwareAccess Library:

The specific error is

For reference, Prior to this step I have an ASW Standard Dialog window that prompts the user to select the labware that this step is trying to sort. The labware items in the sequence are removed and added back to it using the HSLLabwareAccess Library and I reset the sequence indexes prior to this step.

I ran the method last night and got all expected results, but when I ran it today this error came up again.

The error is with a COM Object sequence controller, the line in the HSL code references this, but I’m not sure where that object is initialized or if the ASW Standard or ASW Status Dialogs im using are resulting in the Object not being released between runs?

Has anyone ran into this error?

This is typically the error you would get if you have not run the installer for the HSL Labware Access library. Importing a method with the library isn’t sufficient - the installer needs to be run as well.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the quick reply. I suspected that might’ve been the issue, but wasn’t aware that library had an installer associated with it.

I’ll see if I can give it a go to resolve the issue. (Ironically, it looks like the step was still working, but just showing the error)

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HSL Labware Access is one of the few libraries that most functions work without installing. You happened to choose one of the functions that requires the installation (sorting functions).

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Would the sequnecetools_V3::Sort SequenceForChannels step function the same in this case?

I have two 96 well positions im trying to sort by x accending, so that if needed a 16 channel head could access both plates at the same time. (not this use case, but would function identically for that)

Hi @Brandon ,

Yeah, that library will sort the sequence without needing to install. My recommendation though would be to use STAR Channel Tools :: Channel Access within your loop. It will sort your sequence and make sure the channels being used does not violate channel access.

It works a little different as it will sort for the next positions to use as opposed to sorting all up front, but you get a channel pattern, and subset of a sequence that is sorted in the optimum order for the channels being used on the next use.

STAR Tip Tools works in a similar way but specifically for the next tip pickup sequence position.


Hi Brandon,

Thanks for that one, I think I could’ve gotten that one to work for this (I just didn’t open that library even though i had it loaded haha)

But this particular step is organizing each column into it’s own sequence to reuse a previous sub i created and it has to be processed prior to pipetting to allow the user to load the correct labware in this case.

I probably could’ve done it easier, but i wanted to reuse some previous subs in this method