HSLYaml library?

Is there a HSLYaml library for Venus? Something like the HSLJson library but for YAML instead?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gareth,

To my knowledge, HSLJSON and HSLXML are the closest options. I am unaware of any implementations specific to YAML files. I will let you know if I hear otherwise.


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Thanks Nick. I wondered if that would be the case. Might look into making my own…

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That would be awesome. Wish we could “crowdfund” these small endeavors.


Instead of doing this the hard way in HSL why not write a short python script that converts the yaml to JSON and then push it into VENUS. Let me know if I should give you an example of how to solve this, I think this should be a straightforward 10-liner at max. Actually a perfect example where HSL would be total overkill.

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Thanks for your advice, but I disagree, installing python (especially as we would be installing this on regulated machines too) for this would be overkill. Yeah, the python script would be simple, but then I don’t think HSL would be too bad either, considering it could probably be a wrapper around a .dll like HSLJson is. There’s lots of ways the same goal came be achieved, but having a first party library would be preferable (again, especially in GxP world).

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