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Hello! Is there any other ways to use Import Worklist without step “Load and Match”? We got few times error with load (Z -drive or something). We’re in process to fix this, just wonder

can you provide a screenshot of the actual error code?
Was the error with the autoload or the pipetting channels?

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Z-drive loss likely means that on-deck the channels have bumped into something the robot wasn’t expecting. As Brandon said, if you could show the full error that would be helpful.

Otherwise, you can just use the normal file open/read/close steps and iterate over the file handle manually. That’s what we do by default, to be honest.

we did it many years ago. Any labware you want to use in worklist, should be added to Vector database by VectorDb_Labware::LoadLabware (HSLVectorDbTracking.hsl), if there is barcode for labware, you have set its barcode by set labware barcode in data handling steps. Then all the labware and barocode can be stored in Vector database.

still you have to use “load and match” step, but with match only, there will be no loading. This was how we use worklist in STARlet with manual load.

Hello again! I’m a little confused the error. It’s Y drive. Here screenshot


Z drive also to


So i had this same issue before… Did someone try to lift or bump the carrier as it was being loaded?
When the instrument is loading, does the carrier stop part way onto the deck?

To resolve this i ended up using the service software to re-initialize the Y-drive because restarting the instrument wasn’t working.

Specifically, for the autoload Y-Drive controller, there is a sliding bar that I dragged from one end to the other. The first couple times it said there was a Y0drive positional error, but after 3 or so movements across the range it seemed to have resolved and reset the positioning of the Y-Drive.

I believe this would be from the autoload gears moving up to move the carrier onto position to then spin and load a carrier.

Chance it could be a Autoload calibraion needing adjustment. Not sure without more info.
What are you trying to load?
Did it work 2 weeks ago?

Could you explain more about it please?

We usually load 384-well plates, 96-well round-bottom plates, 96-well flat-bottom plates, reservoirs.
Had this problem even 3 weeks ago