Independent, simultaneous dispense speeds with different tips on FreedomEvo

I am trying to do chromatography elutions with the techrom on an Evo. I would like to be able to do simultaneous dispenses on different columns with different residence times. Unfortunately liquid classes allow for only one dispense rate for all tips. I know the fluent can do this, but is there anyway around this limitation on the Evo?

Firmware commands might be the way to go, otherwise possibly worklists? @Optimize @MikeMueller may have run into this.

you can control individual tips/liquid classes with worklisting,

BUT beware - the vertical movements of tips before/after each command could be problematic in tips moving up & down which will disrupt the resin bed of the column & could damage the system

for the robocolumn application, it is going to be more beneficial to use advanced worklisting as you will need to control additional devices between each dispense (for fraction collection)

i’ve done various flow rates (in parallel) on both Fluent & EVO with both chronological & volumetric offsets to better synchronize the time on column, especially key for loading phase if you need tight scale up comparisons

the sleekest way, which I’ve been able to integrate with excellent performance compared to AKTA - using internal flow rate verification, and back pressure plotting - was to use firmware commands …

Thanks for the great advice. I don’t really have access to firmware commands manual so worklisting might be the easiest route. I know there are a couple of python libraries useful for making worklists. Would robotools be a good place to start?