Initialization errors

Hi there,

I am getting an error upon initialization for a new method that I developed.
To try and troubleshoot I also tried to run an established method that has been working.
I also received the same error message.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Error: " Initialization position of auto load X drive not found or dive blocked. 0x28 - 0x2 - 0x807.

It means the autoload scanner had an issue moving in the x direction. This is often due to a carrier that is pulled out too far that the autoload collides with. Make sure all carriers are fully loaded onto the system and retry the initialization. It’s also possible that the autoload drive is blocked somehow - possibly if there was a spill or other blockage under the belt that is preventing the autoload from moving.

I hope this helps you troubleshoot!

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thanks. there was a pipette tip caught under the belt