Instrument Racks in Integrated systems

I’m designing an integrated system centered around a robotic arm, and I’m curious about what solutions folks have used to mount instrumentation. I have spoken with a few folks about welded-steel racks and custom tables/shelving where devices that will be accessed by the arm can be mounted, but I am tempted to use pre-fabricated heavy-duty modular industrial shelving (something like this) as a solution that’d be lower cost and quicker turn around. Curious if anyone has experience with this and could tell me if something like this will be stable enough or if i’m asking for trouble.

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From experience I highly recommend 80/20 or Robounits extruded aluminum building systems. There is a bit more work involved with planning and design but most of the manufacturers of integrated systems and even tables are using this type of system. Many automation OEMs also use these type of systems in their products in one way or another.

I would not recommend that industrial shelving as it isn’t really designed to hold things in a precision way. Even with a lot of cross bracing it would be a chore.

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I haven’t used them, but a lot of people were interested in this product.

Tekmatic automation carts


Appreciate the advice! Figured it was probably too much of a corner-cut, but the potential time and money savings was too enticing to not consider a bit. I think some custom 80/20 is probably going to be the best route

Custom 80/20 all of the way, the tough part is deciding the shelf top and the configuration since your custom setup gives you a plethora options but keep in mind the heights of the arm.

Custom 80/20s are probably the go to. But I’d also give Tekmatic a second look. They might be priced pretty good, and if the shelves are adjustable, it makes it easier to change your setup as things grow. Met with the owner Chris a few times and his company seems like a great company to have in your back pocket if you need some automation stuff done.

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