What have people done to integrate STAR/lets in larger systems? I have potential need for this in a coming application. I’m aware that pyHamilton could enable this, but I’m curious what other approaches people have taken.

The most common way to use STAR/venus is embeding a COM object in method to communicate between application and venus. Most of the IVD application used this way to integrate STAR/STARlet like Roche. The disadvantage is hsl/method, which lack many features of modern language like OOP, intellisense, version control . And it will be hard to develop and maintain for the visual programming of method and for many type of languages, hsl/method, C#/C++/Vb for COM and hardware driver, one for application.

Second, use SharpHamilton to control STAR/STARlet/STARplus/Vantage, then you can integrate STAR with pure C# code. Maybe your application system is C#, it can bring many benefits and also it can simplify the development and debug. And it is easy to deploy for there will be only one dll file and it support many versions of Venus. it can support 3D run simulation.

How do we create a COM object in Venus? Is there a library for that??

Hi all,

I would just like to clarify that Hamilton offers numerous drivers for control of third-party devices within VENUS. We also have an Applied Engineering (APE) department that is tasked with creating custom solutions for integrating devices and systems. Such solutions range from the simple (custom tube adapters or a reader integrated to a STARlet) to the complex (large, multi-system configurations integrated with robotic arms for example). This is a big part of our business model!

In order to realize such solutions, our sales team consists of automation consultants who work with customers and our APE team in the hardware and software design and also with the creation of acceptance test plans according to their requirements. In addition, we collaborate with third-party integrators. Just wanted to convey that there are many options available to our customers that are supported by Hamilton!