Integration (3rd party)

Has anyone run into issues (timeout) integrating a Ziath 2D scanner with the Tecan Fluent and resolved them? Is there a better third party scanner that works better with the Fluent?

I’ve used the Ziath a lot and it was stable.

I did run into issues but once I standardized the older workflows, it stabilized.

In general new versions of driver framework drivers will perform better but they must also be compatible with that version of the hardware/firmware and also with your version of FC. Also make sure your cable setup is robust.

There are a wide variety of reasons why one may have issues but once sorted, it was stable enough to run pretty much 24/7.

Which driver version are you using ?
Tecan offers a “DriverFramework” version but also a simpler .exe version

They both offer (basically) the same functions - what problems are you having ?

I have multiple clients using both versions - some challenges and usual errors, maybe I’ve seen the scenario

Also curious what other devices you have integrated - seen some comms loss issues where certain wiring/interferences cause problems

Thank you to both of you for responding so quick and willing to help!

It’s good to hear that the Ziath scanner is stable, that probably means the issues I am seeing could be resolved (fingers crossed). The version of drive framework that I am using is 3.1.13 and Fluent Control 3.0. Is the simpler exe version the one that isn’t license based and can be used on any Fluent? At first we had some challenges but were able to get successful scans at times.

  1. The problem that we are seeing now is occasionally it seems like if we aren’t using it for a certain period of time, it will need to initialize again. Sometimes it leads to fatal errors and then we have to restart the method. I was hoping there was a way to ping the scanner and kind of keep it active

  2. It also seems like running the read command back-to-back for different plates also results in a fatal error.

(Device is in error status)

In the method design it would scan barcodes, do some pipetting, and then scan a different set of barcodes, and repeat the process however on that second scan we would run into issues

Definitely a heavily integrated setup with readers, washers and shakers. It might be maxing out the computer haha which is why I am hesitant about adding on sample tracking and might take on the tracking endeavors another way

@Optimize @luisvillaautomata

thanks for the detailed info,
curious if the system spec & computer is the issue

please reach out to me offline & we can arrange a deep dive into system logfiles to find the smoking gun for comms issues

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