Integrations and Safety

Hi everyone! We are looking to make some flexible small scale integrations, plate stackers to multidrop to thermocycler using a precise arm for example. Having looked at the market GBG seems to be a great solution due to the number of different packages they offer at a good price point. My question comes when establishing these integrations is how do you go about ensuring laboratory safety. Are there certain rules or standards that must be be met?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!


Hey Dave!

Elliot from Biosero here. In my experience, workcell safety depends on how a site wants to handle it. In terms of the PF400, it’s considered it’s the best-in-class and a relatively safe collaborative robot so you should be able work alongside with it safety. They’re designed to stop when too much force is detected on any of the motors. That being said, every workcell and every worksite is different. So we handle safety in accordance to how a client feels they need to address their possible risks and in accordance to their local lab safety requirements. You need to consider what kind of science you’re doing and the risk involved if things like crashes or spills happen. If there’s sterility requirements, you need to think about building an enclosure and the process of decontaminating and maintaining sterility. If there’s risk of humans interacting with moving parts in an unsafe way, then shut-off/safety switches should be considered. Drawers and doors can be equipped with IO sensors to automatically soft-lock or cut power to instruments when someone has to interact with it. My advice is to work with your site’s safety committee to find out what are the risks you might run into and design your systems around those concerns.


I second that aspect. We use the GBG integration and have had no issues. But you have to think of what your users are - students, experienced workers, a mix? We are a small bunch so everyone knows what they should not do, but in a larger environment and with students or such, you might want a more enclosed system if you think people will not be able to keep their fingers out of the running system.
So it will come down to what machine you are using exactly, and what is your environment that you are using it in and finally the local laws and regulations.