Interpreting Tecan Genesis protocol; people interested?

Hi, we are a team from YSEQ in Berlin, Germany, who want to reuse older Tecan robots. Our idea is to connect a Raspi to the controller, learn the serial protocol, and then write our own routines in Python, similar to pylabrobot. We are also thinking about other robots, but Tecans are what we already have.

Feel free to have a look at us learning the protocol with a first program plan here: pypeta/ at main · Play2Learn-Org/pypeta · GitHub

I‘m already a little further than the current version in the document. So expect another update to that doc soon.

For incoming conversations, I would prefer a conversation here, or as Github Issues and Pull Requests on our project.


this is v cool - despite the Genesis platform range being out-dated, it is still viable & can be utilized
if you need more details on the command set, let me know (
I actually have clients still utilizing Genesis platforms for their daily routines and can offer advice to expand the command sets/structures you need

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hi @Optimize. Great to have someone who has experience.

Short update:

  • pulled all the commands from the sources that I have and updated the list
  • put our initial steps into a workflow engine (Camunda, local Berlin company, open source)

See here:

Workflow Engines have multiple advantages. One is, that the whole process during definition, and during execution is more humanly readable than source code and logs. Another is, that it can stop a process in the middle and then continue, e.g. after changing something on the plates. There are several more.

It’s a tad more work, but I think the benefits of including more people in the process and considering a more resilient final architecture are worth the effort.

All feedback welcome.