Introducing PytomatedLiquidHandling python API


I just joined and wanted to share my python automation solution called PytomatedLiquidHandling. I hope this is not against any rules. I’m open to discussion and how all automation tools can come together to make automation more accessible.

Repo: GitHub - Pfizer-BradleyBare/PytomatedLiquidHandling: Python API for Hamilton, Tecan, and more devices


Hey, thanks for releasing this! Could you describe how your API is different to the ones you’ve listed as inspiration, such as pyhamilton and pyvenus?

As someone who is starting to think whether we can use one of these tools for a project, it would be good to know the benefits of each compared to another. Cheers

Great question!

Pytomated Liquid Handling was created to fill the 2 gaps:

  • Simple method transfer between systems
  • Parallel processing capability across systems

This project started with an excel method editor interface that I am, unfortunately, unable to share. Basically, we wanted to open method design and execution to all automation users within Pfizer. We had a lot of success but the codebase was a mess. Thus Pytomated Liquid Handling was born. The idea of the library is to function similar to an OS. Each layer is designed as follows:

  • Driver layer can be used for more raw device integrations
  • HAL layer is used to create cross system compatibility
  • API layer is to integrate the HAL layer with some sort of scheduler (In progress)

Eventually these layers can be used as a foundation for Apps (Like our excel method editor). I will say the Driver layer is solid but the HAL and API are still in progress. It is up to you which library you decide to use, but his library does have the advantage of seamless cross platform compatibility (HAL and up).