Is submitting transfer volumes and destinations as a vector possible in protocol designer?

I watched the webinar on the protocol designer

but it appears that there is no way to submit wells and volumes for transfer as a vector. For example: assume I want to transfer from one 96 well plate to another. But I want to take samples only from only 5 wells of the source plate to the first 5 wells of the destination plate and I want different volumes for each transfer. Do I understand correctly that this cannot be written as a single command at the moment and I would instead have to write 10 individual transfer steps?

You would need to create different transfer steps for each specific volume. I might not understand how many specific steps you are requesting, so my suggestion might not work. Additionally, my suggestion might be better for more steps with similar sources and desitions wells.

You can also utilize our batch edit feature to create all the required steps and update volumes quickly.

Are there plans to add the ability to specify different volumes in a single step on opentrons (e.g. as coma or space separated values or by pasting from clipboard)? Not having this functionality makes many applications unfeasible, e.g. concentration normalisation in a 96 well plate format.

Also currently the transfer needs to be 1 to N or N to N. However it is often useful to do N to multiples of N, for example 10 sources to 30 destinations with an understanding that the 10 samples will be recylced 3 times.

PS: I can (and do) program all these steps in python, but my institute has a lot of users that would like to use opentrons, but don’t because of the aforementioned limitations of protocol designer.