Labware 3D data

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I recognized that some of the labware 3D data models are stored as .x and others as .hxx files.
I can access the 3D of .x files, but .hxx files seem to be special.

Do you know what the difference of these data files is and if there is a way to convert .hxx into .x files?

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It is a special compressed file with .x files and texture image files

What is a good way to view and create .x files? that is something i’d like to look at soon in the future. Blender?

Old version Blender

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is there any solution how to transform .hxx to .x?

To the Hamilton guys: are you able to share your internal procedure to create these files?

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Direct X (.x) files can be exported by versions of Blender 2.79b and earlier, which is a free and prevalent software widely used for generating 3D models, renderings and animations. You will need to activate an internal plugin to enable export of .x files.

Blender 2.79 download

Blender supports import of tons of different drawing file formats, so you can use pretty much any modelling software you want/have access to in order to generate the drawing if you don’t want to use Blender as the primary modelling software. Just be sure your model is properly scaled in mm.

Once generated, you can associate the .x file as a 3D model in any .rck, .ctr, .lid, or .tml labware definition. Dragging the definition on deck will allow you to view the drawing and see if it meets your desired standards. Sometimes I just copy an arbitrary labware definition and associate the .x file I am interested in and use the deck editor as a viewer. If you wanted to use an alternative method, a quick google search will likely yield tons of free online file converters.

Regarding generating drawings in modelling software, there are tons and tons of online resources (youtube) that provide exhaustive tutorials.

Hope this helps!



Note that the data within the .x file is used purely for cosmetic and rendering purposes. The data within the file has absolutely no impact on the labware definition parameters, and cannot be used as a substitute for defining the labware.


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Hi Nick
Thank you so much. Could you also give some insights on the .hxx file format?

We’re looking into this and will update the thread once we have more info!

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I’ve downloaded the “old” version of blender, but it doesn’t seem to have the ability to natively import .x files:

Is there a perhaps plugin required?

This allows exporting .x files, but still no import. I’ve made some custom labware for which I would much rather edit an existing file than start from scratch.