Link to your Slack


first of all: AWESOME. Thank you for doing what I was hoping somebody would do. I had talked to a certain liquid handler company before and they were not very open towards this idea of connecting customers via some forum or platform.

Secondly, it would be great if you could link to your Slack, as Slack is often a much quicker way to connect with others. Quick technical questions can be solved withing seconds at best.

Thanks and cheers :slight_smile:

We can achieve more from within this safe space of a user forum website I think. LRIG has a Slack and it doesn’t have nearly the conversations we’re already seeing on this underground platform


A Discord channel is IMO way better but a Discord channel doesn’t show up in searches.

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I see it similarly. Imho Discord has been the best invention w.r.t. social platforms ever. Not trying to steal the focus on this forum since having problems/solutions structured within threads/postings is very valuable, but I created a Discord server a few months back with 40 users already: Liquid Handling Automation and it has helped me a lot already. Not to mention @Stefan Slack server… it’s great. Hope he will post a link soon.
I find it super important to also just have fun discussing about lab automation and not being afraid to ask questions, whichever they might be. You can be either discrete or not, it’s up to you. Just keep in mind to not share confidential information.

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We need to come together

This Discords are great, the slacks are great, all these sub threads are great. But I think somehow, some way, it is just paramount that we come together to have a single node of community help line.

@Sandor you have this Discord so I’d say champion sounding the horn of rally to get all those members on here and to start answering or posting questions!



I’m all in when it comes to video calls and the like. Other than that meeting in person is always excellent if given the opportunity.
Also I informed the discord members to join this forum.

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I had no clue that there were errant Slack/Discord channels BUT also of course there are! And that is awesome.

Thanks @Sandor!

And hey we can all champions this as well, if we heard of a discord, slack, or hell even a text thread going around. Encourage them to join here and contribute!

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It’s really fascinating how much more activity there is here than on chat platforms like Slack and Discord. I think on pure volume of posts we come close to or exceed Bits in Bio which has like 2000 members!

Hard to really say whats behind that, probably an accumulation of ineffable aesthetic factors. For instance, when you click on a thread here you start at the beginning. On Slack you start at the end of a conversation. This is good for chatting I guess but conversations disappear into the aether over time on Slack. Viewing a thread in order has a big impact on logical comprehension of how different viewpoints are synthesized and progress is made towards the topic at hand.


This is amazing stuff thanks for creating this Stefan and Sam. Making lab automation google-able is a huge step forward.

I’ve joined the discord channel, but it feels strange to be using discord on a work computer when it’s so personal. I personally prefer Slack because I can easily switch workspace on slack using my work computer. Also because I’m part of so many different discord channels I tend to mute it a lot.

Is there a slack lab automation channel out there? I agree there should be one central source of truth which this forum serves but for quick chats or anything like that Slack for me is best.


Slack/Discord both seem like great tools, but not everyone uses them. Everyone has a web browser, and forums like this seem to be more immune to corporate firewalls than alternatives.

What I find interesting and exciting is the amount of traction this forum is getting. I’ve seen many attempts to nurture a lab automation forum and none have attracted the level of useful dialog this has in a very short time. The content is engaging, and the format is great. Thanks!